Introduction & Background

Having worked for six and a half years in a leading tech consultancy firm, I am now working as a Senior Software Engineer in an investment management start-up based in London. I have primarily been working with JVM based fun (Java, Groovy, Grails) but love to get involved with any technology (Just check out my projects listed). I am also one of the co-founders of NerdAbility and helped make this fine site you are using!

Top Skills (hover over for more info)

Spring   MongoDB   Neo4J   Cloud Programming   JPA   SQL   Groovy   Hibernate   Spring-Social   MVC   Tech Architecture   NoSQL  

Projects I am Working On

AIChallenge (GitHub)

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Code for Java Googles AI Challenge (Ants) 2011 - Read More

AndroidChuckQuiz (GitHub)

8 7

Walkthrough for Android Chuck Quiz app - Read More

Example RSS Reader Android app - walkthrough of custom RSS parser - Read More

Example Android app for Twitter using Twitter4j and OAUTH - Read More

CuttingRoom (GitHub)

0 1

Example android app that uses the Cutting Room photo filtering /fx library - Read More

dashboard (GitHub)

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Coldfusion/Javascript based dashboard - Read More

flutterby (GitHub)

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Open Source Social Networking/Project Collaboration tool for the Enterprise - Read More

grailstest (GitHub)

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test grails app integration with cloudbees CI & CD - Read More

handsome-java (GitHub)

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Java port of handsome dashboard - Read More

make-social (GitHub)

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A template Spring 3.1 webapp - (almost)Completely free if XML - just left security config - Read More

GeekList implementation of Spring Social libraries - Read More

StackOverflow integration with the Spring-Social libraries - Read More

Example Spring MVC application that integrates with MongoDB database - Read More

SpringNeo4JWebApp (GitHub)

3 1

a SpringMVC web app I created using Neo4J and the Arbor JS graph framework - Read More

Image Filtering and FX for the Android platform - Read More

GeekListStuff (BitBucket)


Testing a multithreaded merge sort in groovy - Read More

Mobile Portfolio

App Name Platform Website
Chuck the Quiz Android

Work Experience

Title Start Date End Date Company
Associate Manager 2005 2012 Accenture

Formal Education

Certification Subject Date Completed School/University
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science 31/12/2002 Birmingham University

Open Source Contribution

I have spent considerable time working on side projects and OSS projects (as can be seen from my list of GitHub, BitBucket, Google Code repositories!) - The projects range from just playing around with technologies to full blown projects that are ready to be used. Some highlights of my OSS projects are: Spring-Social-Geeklist - I am lead developer and creator of the Spring-Social implementation of the Geeklist API. The project has been accepted into Spring-Social's community lead APIs and is linked from the Spring website. Flutterby - An OSS Enterprise Social Project Management tool - more details at about all the awesome features (todos, tickets, personal status, heirarchical team structures, private messages, Q'n'A)

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